How To Look Gorgeous This Diwali


With Diwali just around the corner, your social calendar must be buzzing with party invites. While 'looking perfect’ is a norm everyone associates you with, how about leaving them bedazzled with a look that is surprising yet trendy! Nothing changes your everyday look to a more dramatic one than make-up that is fun & cool. But before you panic and start making a beeline for beauty parlours, we have got you covered some easy make-up tips that you can try this Diwali to shine like a true dazzling diva.

Skin Care:

Diwali is not the time to experiment with skin care products as there are chances of you ending up with a rash, a breakout or an allergic reaction. As a caution, try sticking to your trusted brand of products; religiously follow the routine of cleansing, toning & moisturising at least once a day to reduce the effect of pollution or any other damage on your skin; drink plenty of water; and most important of them all, stay stress-free! Learn more about natural skin care tips.


Go with your regular brand of foundation to make sure it blends well with your skin and does not make it look cakey. Also, make sure that the foundation matches the tone of your skin and gives a natural effect. Concealer must be spread evenly and based on your skin type use a loose face powder to set the base right and finish-off the look.


Depending on the time of the day, you can experiment with various colour palates. Pastel, natural & softer shades of brown and pink go well for an afternoon party look. Evening parties demand something more dramatic, so you can opt for bronze, gold, black & deeper shades of brown to create a bolder smokey-eye effect. Coloured eye-liners are currently in-trend, so use them to add spunk and drama to your eyes. To define your eyes further, do not forget to apply mascara.


Always choose a colour that highlights your cheekbones, is more on the natural or softer side of the shade and adds a natural glow to your face.


Thick and finely shaped brows are currently in fashion. To get the desired look, just colour them up using a mascara or eye colour matching the shade of your brow. Avoid using an eye-brow pencil as it ends up giving a very unnatural and tacky look.


Matte or gloss? Red or nude? The choice of lip shade can often leave you confused. But depending on your overall look and mood for the evening, you can opt for either softer tones of pink or brown or go with bolder tones of deep red or burgundy. In case you are opting for a nude look, apply loads of gloss to add shine and a hint of sparkle to your pout. As for going for gloss or matte, our vote goes to a matte lip shade as it lasts long, stains less and elevates your look to a completely different level instantaneously.


A quirky nail art in shades of gold or bronze is all you need to complete your Diwali party look. If subtle is your style, then opt for traditional or neutral shades of pink or brown. For the much fashionable and trendy ladies out there, there is a whole lot of spunky & pop shades of blue, pink, red, green & yellow to experiment with. Make your pick!