Bleaching a must do before getting ready for Karva Chauth

The day of Karva Chauth, when each one of us wants to look the best is soon approaching. Women have been scurrying to gather decorative items and adornments to celebrate the auspicious day. Apart from shopping, beauty parlours have been experiencing beelines of women who want to get facial, bleach, pedicure, manicure and massage done that helps them look glowing on Karwa Chauth.

With the huge rush, many ladies do not get appointments at the parlour nor are they able to do bookings for getting ready at home.

With the urge to get a complete makeover and the tension of anxious hours of not able to get professional help, why not treat yourself with the glow that Fem Fairness Bleach provides.

Why you should use Fem Fairness Bleach before getting ready for Karva Chauth

Glowing again and again every year as a new bride is every woman’s wish who is taking part in this festival of fasting. Dabur is determined to make this Karwa Chauth special for every woman through their Fem Bleach.

You can give yourself a new and dazzling makeover with Fem Bleach. The glow you get from bleaching shows the divine beauty within you. When dressed like a bride and adorned with jewelleries, you are sure to look like a Goddess with immense glow.

Fem Bleach gives the long lasting glow and makes skin look healthy and beautiful. This is the best way to get instant natural looking glow on the skin. This is what makes the Fem Fairness Bleach a special product during the festive season.

Follow the instructions; watch the demo and you can easily use bleach safely at home. No appointments needed, no bookings needed, and no feeling anxious or worried for not being able to go to the parlours.

It is amazing how Fem Bleach totally changes your look. This small decision of using Fem Bleach before taking part in the festival will make your celebrations a memorable one and the most cherished as your natural glow will receive great attention from everybody present. Most importantly, you will enjoy the undivided attention from your husband.

Don’t miss out anything on this festive season. Use Fem Bleach for instant natural glow before getting ready for the Karva Chauth evening and find out what special is in store for you.


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