Delicious Diwali Festival Food You Must Try This Year


No Diwali celebrations are complete without digging into mouth-watering food. Food is the highlight of every celebration and adds as much to the spirit of the festival as any other thing related to it. Here is a list of 6 Diwali staples without which Diwali is just not the same.

1) Kaju Katli:

The king of mithais, this melt-in-your-mouth delicious sweet has almost become synonymous with Diwali.

2) Mawa Kachori:

If you want your guests to feel royal and serve them a dessert fit for the kings, then you must serve them Mawa Kachori. Rich in taste, stuffed with dry fruits & mawa (khoya), deep fired and then coated with a fragrant sugar syrup; the absolutely delicious Mawa Kachori is a snack welcome any time of the day.

3) Chaat:

Now who doesn’t like gorging on a plate of slightly sweet-slightly tangy chaat! Prepare at home yourself or order it from outside, a chaat literally takes the cake away when it comes to top foods to try during Diwali or for that matter any gathering, party or festivity.

4) Gulab Jamun:

A classic India dessert, Gulag Jamun enjoys a special place as the preferred sweet for any occasion or festivity. The berry-sized fried balls that are dunked in fragrant sugar syrup and are enjoyed both hot and cold and is typically served with kesar rabri.

5) Dahi bhalla:

A popular savoury snack, dahi bhalla is a delight to eat at any time of the day. Thick creamy curd, sweet and tangy tamarind and green chutneys, soft fried savoury balls prepared with urad dal…sounds like bliss being served to you in a bowl.

6) Chakli:

Chakli is an indispensable Diwali snack! It is a spiral shaped deep-fried savoury snack made from a mixture of rice flour, gram flour and wheat flour mixed with choicest of spices.