How to get satin silky hair with Henna and Olive

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Today’s woman has her plate full. She is a mother, a homemaker, and a working professional among the other roles that she juggles effortlessly. In this entire hustle bustle, she finds it hard to devote time to old-fashioned and time consuming beauty routines. What takes a fall is her skin and hair quality. Find a woman today who is happy with her hair. Pollution, stress and a hectic lifestyle has taken its toll on the once luscious, gorgeous mane that she possessed. She yearns for satin silky hair but it all seems an elusive dream.
Fortunately, nature’s bounty holds the key to many of our problems including our hair woes. Ingredients like henna and olive oil give strong and silky hair.

mridula batra
December 31, 2014 11:58 AM
Thank you for such great tips

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