How to get fair skin and tips for skin de tanning

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If the skin has been tanned due to sun exposure then de-tanning with various skin treatment remedies and fairness tips helps in bringing back the natural skin colour.

Tips for glowing skin after being exposed to sun and experiencing sun tan:


First and foremost tip is to cool and soothe the burnt skin. Moisturizing is the best possible way to soothe the tanned skin. Since sun exposure would have evaporated most of the hydration, your skin would be deprived of moisture. To begin with skin de-tanning, moisturizing should be the first step.

Milk and milk products are natural moisturizers for a tanned skin.

2. Exfoliate

Exfoliating might seem scary on a sun tanned skin. But this is the best way to shed the tanned skin and make way for glowing fair skin. Careful scrubbing has to be done; else it might lead to tearing of the skin and eventually damage the skin more.

Choose the most smooth and soft scrubbing particles to exfoliate.

3. Homemade face masks

Homemade treatments are always bliss to be used, be it a normal skin or a damaged skin. These natural remedies of face masks and face packs always speed up the healing of the skin.

Tomato, potato, cucumber, lime, yogurt are all commonly used ingredients which top the list of skin de-tanning treatment products.

Following some of the face masks religiously will help arrive at a healthy & glowing skin.

-Peel and grate cucumber. Add yogurt and Multani mitti. Mix well to form a face mask. Cucumber cools the skin.

- Grate or smash a small piece of potato. Add lime juice and little yogurt. Mix well. Apply on skin and massage for few minutes. Leave until it dries and wash off.

-Blend tomato and make a puree. Strain the puree so that the blended tomato can be collected in the sieve. Apply the blended tomato on the face. Apply a thick layer of this mask on the skin.

- Extract tomato juice to a bowl. To this add multani mitti (fuller’s earth) and mix well. Vring it to the consistency of a thick face pack. Apply evenly throughout face and neck. Wash off once dry.

- Take cucumber juice, tomato juice and lime juice in a bowl. Mix all 3 in equal proportions. This is an excellent product for skin de-tanning. Dip a piece of cotton and apply throughout on the tanned skin.

4. Avoid using bath products and face washes on tanned skin

All washing and cleansing products available in the market are filled with variety of ingredients. Some are chemicals, some others are preservatives, good or bad they do not go too well with the damaged skin.

Use natural cleansers for cleaning the skin until you have got back your originally fair skin. Avocado, pineapple, papaya, banana are the top among the natural skin cleansers.

Take a small piece of any of the natural cleanser and rub gently along face and neck. Rinse with water.

5. Do not forget your sunscreen

To avoid all the struggling and strictly following the tips on how to get fair skin, apply sunscreen before exposing yourself to the harsh sun. Not just applying sunscreen, you have to make sure your skin is well covered and protected from the sun.

So, this was all about on how to get fair skin. Apart from following all the steps mentioned above you can also get instant brighter complexion by using Fem Fairness Naturals Crème Bleach. Use it once a month to get even skin tone.

How do you treat sun tan on your skin?

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