Homemade Orange Peel Face Packs & Masks

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It is a common practice to throw the peel of any fruit into the bin. So is the case with oranges too.

The slightly tangy/sour juicy fruit is good at its peel too. So, now on do not throw the peel. There are numerous ways of using the orange peels. Generally orange peel is considered as disinfectant, mosquito repellent, stain remover, odour combatant, and has good fruity fragrance. Orange peel can ward off different kinds of mosquitoes at once. And if you consider it in skin care and beauty care then the list is endless.
    Let us remember all the miracles orange peel does on the skin with glory

  • It is an excellent cleaner and has been know for Skin de-tanning.
  • The collection of strips of orange peel makes a very good body sponge or loofah.
  • The bitter spray in the peel is good for acne marks, blemishes and dark spots on the skin due to pimples.
  • The peel also cleans the skin and gets rid of bacteria causing acnes.
  • The vitamin C imparts glow and healthy shine to the skin.
  • The peel absorbs all other excess oil on the skin.
  • For dry skin, the natural oils in the peel provide suppleness.
  • Evens out the skin tone & helps in Skin de-tanning, thus making the skin look lightened.
  • Works very well on frown lines and other lines leading to wrinkles.
  • Orange peels are the best natural and non-painful remedy for blackheads.

Here, is a best homemade remedy for stubborn blackheads, Skin de-tanning & for glowing skin


    You will need,

  • Orange peel and
  • One spoon thick yogurt.
  • Additionally you will need mixing bowl and a grater.


    Method of preparing blackhead removal mask:

  • Separate the peel off from the fruit.
  • Scrap the peel on a grater and collect fine grates of orange peel.
  • To the bowl of orange peel, add a spoonful of thick creamy yogurt.
  • Mix well.

Orange Mix well

This is a natural scrub with soft pulpy texture and helps in achieving glowing skin and Skin de-tanning

soft pulpy

On a clean face/skin rub the orange peel - yogurt mask with strokes. You will enjoy the bitter & sour mixture of smell this mask spreads around.

Leave for 10 minutes until the yogurt layer dries on the skin and rinse off with warm water.

If you have sensitive skin, then do not wait until the drying time. Rinse off immediately after massage. And apply Dabur Gulabari to cool down skin and close open pores.

Even if you use organically cultivated oranges, there is a chance of pesticides and chemicals sprayed on the fruit. So, clean very thoroughly before you use the peel using Dabur Uveda Face Cleanser. Else the chemicals/pesticides might cause skin problems. Also make sure you are not allergic to the nature of orange peels.

Hope you will try the beauty recipe soon. .

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