De tanning with Fem Dos and Do not

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You don’t want to go sleeveless dreading the tanning or if you already have tanning you avoid showing your skin. Such can be life dearies! Every problem has its solution and if you are the one who’s struggling to get rid of the sun tan on your face or hands, try considering a skin bleach. When you think of bleach, the thought you get instantly is how to get fair skin but no! Bleaching can also remove the tanning from your face apart from the job that it does by default which is to lighten the facial hair to match them with the color of your skin. And voila, you look fairer due to this simple reaction that just happened on your skin. But you never thought that it can take away your tan. Did you? Think again.

First of all, you need to choose a good bleach cream like Fem Naturals Crème bleach or Fem Gold Bleach for special occasions. You will normally need two scoops of the cream. That should be sufficient for your entire face. Mix 2-3 pinches of activator powder keeping in mind that if you have sensitive skin, reduce the amount and do a patch test first behind the ear. This will make sure you aren’t getting into a mess after the bleaching session. No one wants a blistered face, right?

Keep the bleach for 15 minutes if you are a fair lady. For dusky beauties 10 minutes is sufficient. Remove it with a wet tissue or baby wipes first then go ahead, wash your face. Pat dry and apply any moisturizer. You’re done with the de-tanning and bleaching session at the comforts of your home. You can notice how supple and brightened your skin looks and tan is lesser visible. Now that you have worked on your complexion & removed tan, it’s time to keep some really important things in mind.

• Do the patch test first if it’s your first time or you’ve sensitive skin.
• Remove the bleach if burning and tingling is too much
• Never add too much of the activator as it can lead to skin irritation and burning.
• Bleaching your face in the evening is the best time.
• Always wear your sunscreen, if you have bleached the skin during the day and are going out!

• Do not leave the bleach cream for more than 15 minutes.
• To maintain the bleaching results for longer, make sure you don’t wash you face for at least 5-6 hours using face wash or soap right after the bleaching!
• Do not bleach too frequently.

You can see tan saying good bye soon! Keep the precautions in mind and have a great bleaching experience.

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